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About NABF

The National Amateur Baseball Federation (NABF) was established at an organizational meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1914, and is the oldest continually operated national baseball organization in the country.

The NABF is a nonprofit organization run by a number of Officers and Directors from all parts of the United States. These volunteers help keep the organization running smoothly, as regional and national championship tournaments are held coast to coast.

NABF hosts over 50 regional tournaments, plus eight national championship tournaments, throughout the year.

These tournaments range in age divisions from 10 & under to unlimited age. Below is a list of our eight age groups and their classifications:

Division Age
Rookie 10 & Under

12 & Under

Sophomore 14 & Under
Junior 16 & Under
High School 17 & Under
Senior College 18 & Under
Major Unlimited Age


The NABF is based on the idea that teams should represent leagues in national competition. For each league of four or more teams, a team from each league is assigned to a regional tournament. For this reason, the NABF does not charge each team in the league. The NABF charges the league as a whole, a franchise fee that covers as many age groups as the league has. For instance, if your league has all eight age groups, you will pay the same amount as a league that has only one age group. However, for each team that the league sends to a regional, a tournament fee must be paid: 
franchise fee = $250.00
tournament fee = $350.00 per team in a regional tournament
Add $100 for teams going directly to World Series

  • Example - The home run league has 3 age groups. They will pay $250.00 to cover the franchise fee, and will pay $1050.00 (3 x $350) to cover the tournament fees of 1 team from each of the 3 age groups.
  • It should be noted that if a league has 50 teams, or only 4 teams, the tournament fee is $350.00 per each league’s team representative.

NABF National Invitational Classics

The NABF is now offering unprecedented competitive opportunities to athletes throughout the US and Canada. The NABF will host national invitational baseball tournaments for individual teams in age divisions 9 & under through the Unlimited age division. The NABF National Invitational Classics are in addition to the Regional and World Series Championship games conducted by NABF since 1914 and do not replace existing programs. Dates for the Classics are in addition to the Regional and World Series play. Up to 64 teams may participate in each age division. The Classics are organized in a pool play format leading up to a final four Olympic-style Championship. Classics' rules and regulations are compatible with existing NABF tournaments. Teams in the Classics will be registered on a first come first served basis. For more information regarding dates, location or registration for the Classics, contact:

(410) 721-4727, (410) 721-4940 (fax),


NABF members have a few simple responsibilities that must be taken care of before a team may participate in a national tournament.

The leagues must have their fees paid in full, by June 1.
The leagues must be registered: The NABF must have a list of all the teams in your league, with the manager's name, address and phone number by June 1.
The NABF must have an eligibility list of each team in your league. This is merely a team roster. The rosters must be received by July 1 or at least 15 days prior to the start of the regional tournament for which you are assigned.

Teams participating in regional tournaments will receive information in a packet before the start of the tournament. This information is all self-explanatory, but it must be reviewed, filled out, and completed.
Finally, teams participating in a world series also have a few minor things to complete. Information and instructions for winning teams are provided well in advance of National Championship Series.