2.0 Sites, Conditions, Hosts and Rules

2.01 Sites and Conditions. The Board of Directors shall determine the place and conditions under which the tournaments shall be conducted.

2.02 Assignment to Regional Sites. The Executive Director shall assign each franchise members league/team to a designated National Regional tournament site. Once the franchise has been assigned to a designated Regional tournament site, no change may be made without the written approval from the Executive Director. A team assigned to a National Regional tournament by the Executive Director must contact tournament Director two days in advance of tournament starting date with the following:

A. Team Name
B. Manager’s Name
C. Intent to participate in assigned tournament

2.03 Local Elimination Series. The officials of each association affiliated with the NABF, shall have complete charge prior to and during the Local Elimination Series conducted by the association, and all arrangements for hosting any NABF tournament under the auspices of the Federation.

2.04 Tournament Host Contract. All franchises agreeing to host a National or Regional Tournament must formally agree through a written contract with the NABF.

2.05 Special Tournament Rules. Special Tournament Rules, from the point of necessity, may be set up by the Tournament Committee subject to the approval of the Executive Director.

2.06 Association’s Transportation Responsibilities.Associations participating in all NABF tournaments shall provide for the transportation to their respective teams to and from the point of housing in communities holding the tournaments.

2.07 Host City Responsibilities.

(A) Free Housing and Meals. It shall be optional for the association hosting any NABF tournament to provide free housing and/or meals for visiting teams.

(B) Umpires, Scorers, Fields, Baseballs, Headquarters, Trophies, Meeting Rooms and Lodging Information. The franchise hosting any NABF tournament will be required to provide the location of and rates for suitable living quarters for participating teams, a pre-tournament meeting room, whatever trophies are required by the NABF Executive Director, at least two (2) competent umpires per game, competent official scorers, sufficient tournament maintained fields, sufficient new top quality identical baseballs and headquarters for the Tournament Committee. (Tournament Headquarters includes complete motel and food accommodations for the Tournament Committee.) The NABF may agree, if funds are available, to assist in tournament expenses.

2.08 Teams from Franchise Hosting Tournaments

(A) Teams from a Franchise Hosting a Regional Tournament. A Franchise conducting a Regional tournament may elect to enter up to two
(2) teams providing that each team meets all eligibility requirements. Only
one of the two (2) teams will be known as the Host Team.

(B) Teams from a Franchise Hosting a National Tournament. A Franchise conducting a National Tournament may elect to enter one team in the tournament providing that the team meets all eligibility requirements and originates from the franchise conducting the tournament. If the National Tournament has twelve or more teams registered, then the host team may elect to enter a Second team providing that the second team meets all eligibility requirements and originated from the franchise conducting the tournament. Only one of the two (2) teams will be known as the Host Team.

2.09 Special Event Contract Agreement. Any organization or association agreeing to host and/or conduct any NABF Special Event Program and/or license agreement, to do so must formally agree through a written contract with the National Amateur Baseball Federation, Inc.

2.10 Franchise Member Responsibilities. Once a franchised member of the NABF is assigned to a designated tournament site under rule 2.02, it is the responsibility of the officers of the respective organizations to assure all NABF tournament rules, special instructions and any NABF sanctions are reviewed, understood and complied with by the team(s) representing their organization at NABF events. Further, it is the responsibility of each franchise member to assure the team(s) representing their organization in an NABF event will advance to the next level of play if they win and qualify for the National Championship Series. Failure of an NABF Franchised Member to comply with this rule shall subject such franchise and/or team(s) to sanctions by the Board of Directors. Such sanctions may include (but not limited to) suspension of the franchise membership and/or team(s). In addition, any monetary loss by the host tournament organization, as determined by the Board of Directors, paid prior to future participation in any NABF event. Prior to the tournament the team manager must complete an intent agreement form declaring they will advance their team to the next level of NABF tournament play, representing their NABF franchise member organization in the National Championship Series, if their team earns the right to advance. Failure to complete the form will disqualify such teams from participation in the assigned NABF tournament.