6.0 Tournament Eligibility

6.01 Fees Must Be Paid. No association will be permitted to compete in any NABF tournament unless the franchise fee has been paid and all other obligations to the NABF have been complied with. Franchise fee is non-refundable except under conditions set forth under Article II, Section 2-A-5. Tournament fees are non-refundable.

6.02 Must Pay Bills. No member will be eligible to enter regional or national tournament competition until it has paid all bills or penalty obligations incurred at previous NABF tournaments. This shall include any claim against a member or franchise holder for breakage or acts of vandalism. The franchise holder must be notified of any delinquency within thirty (30) days of the close of the tournament and all bills must be paid within ninety (90) days of notification.

6.03 Tournament Player Contracts and Team Rosters. Three (3) copies of each team’s player roster and contract for each player who plans on participating in any NABF tournament must be clearly typewritten on official NABF roster/contract forms prior to registration at the pre-tournament meeting. The contracts must be signed on the back by each and every player who plans on participating in an NABF tournament. The roster of each team must be certified correct by an official of the local association and the team manager.

PENALTY: If the requested player/team information has been submitted in handwriting and not clearly typewritten, a seventy-five dollar ($75.00) fine must be levied against the offending team and must be paid prior to the team’s participation in any game.

6.04 Certification of Tournament Team. Once a team has been certified to participate in a regional tournament, the Tournament Director shall mail one (1) copy of each team’s roster to the NABF Headquarters and one (1) copy to the World Series Tournament Director. The third copy will be retained by the Regional Tournament Committee for the duration of the regional competition. Immediately upon the completion of the Regional Tournament, the Tournament Director will provide the champion team’s manager with the third copy of each participating team’s roster/contract forms and a copy of each participating NABF League’s Eligibility List of players. The winning team’s manager shall deliver these rosters and eligibility lists to the World Series Tournament Director. Once a teams players have been certified for play, no changes are permitted. (See Rule 6.05)

6.05 Credentials Required. No team shall participate in any NABF tournament until credentials have been presented, certified by an accredited franchise representative, and approved by the Tournament Committee. Once a team has had its list of tournament players approved by a Tournament Committee, no additional players may be added to that list for any reason, nor may any ex-professionals on this approved list be reinstated as amateurs if the players failed to receive such reinstatement prior to the approval of credentials. All ex-professional players must be reinstated with the NABF to play in NABF tournament games.

6.06 Proof of Age Required. Only proof of birth from the bureau of vital statistics or drivers’ licenses with pictures and birth dates included will be accepted as proof of age in Rookie, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, High School, Senior and College tournaments.

6.07 National Tournament Host Team’s Credentials.The Host Team of an NABF National Tournament shall be assigned by the NABF Executive Director to a Regional Tournament Committee to which it must submit, for credential approval, its NABF Tournament Roster. The player roster must be submitted prior to any Regional Tournament play in that division.

6.08 Liability Insurance. All teams participating in NABF regional and national championship play are required to have a one million dollar ($1,000,000.00) general liability protection plan. All teams participating must have a copy of their policy with them at the tournament to be eligible to participate. In addition, the NABF must be named as one of the insured on the policy. Coverage should include public bodily injury, property damage liability per each occurrence.

6.09 Certification of League Teams. On or before June 1 of the current year, the Officer of each franchise holder responsible for the certification of their teams shall send to the Executive Director of the NABF the complete names and addresses of all managers of all respective teams. The Executive Director will then provide the manager of each team scheduled to represent its franchise in NABF tournament play with a copy of the Tournament Rules. Team(s) from any age group may qualify for post season NABF Regional or National Championship series events through one (1) NABF franchise organization only.

NOTE: A team, regardless of team name, name change is defined under Rule 12.02. Any modification of team personnel, or team name for the purpose of circumventing this rule shall not be accepted or permitted.

PENALTY: Disqualification from tournament play and/or forfeiture of all tournament games played to the opposing team(s).

6.10 Franchise Representative Responsible at Tournament. Teams must be accompanied to the tournament city by an accredited representative from the franchise holder, who shall be the spokesman and responsible for the team to the Tournament Committee.

6.11 Player Under Suspension. No player or team under suspension by the NABF for violation of the franchise tournament rules can be eligible to compete in an NABF tournament.

6.12 Expense Fees Forfeited. If a team is declared ineligible for further competition in a regional or national tournament, it shall forfeit all rights or claims to expenses normally allowed participating teams.

6.13 League Playing Schedule. Each team participating in a Regional or World Series must provide their league playing schedule or website with access to the league schedule, at the tournament meeting.

Penalty:Failure to present a verifiable season schedule will result in the league being ineligible for tournament play.

6.14 Official Team Photograph. Each team participating in a NABF national tournament shall present a clear photograph of their respective team, (not less than 8x10 inches) to the tournament committee, providing identification of their authorized team personnel by first and last name, in sequence, left to right, front row through back row. Players not pictured must provide individual picture identification to the tournament committee. Failure of a team to provide an official team photograph as described in this rule will disqualify said team from tournament play.