12.0 Conduct


12.01 Gambling Prohibited. It is hereby declared to be the policy of the National Amateur Baseball Federation, that any and all forms of gambling in or upon the grounds of any club or any association member of this Organization conducting games, whether in the preliminary elimination or final series, shall be absolutely prohibited and condemned. Therefore, any and all persons, players and managers in particular, are hereby prohibited from engaging in or conducting in or upon the grounds any bookmaking, pool selling, betting or gambling in any form upon the result of the game or innings. It is hereby made the duty of those in charge of such games to secure a strict enforcement of the rules, and eject from the grounds any and all persons violating its provisions.

12.02 Authorized Team Personnel. A team shall have no more than one manager, three coaches, one scorekeeper, two bat boys, and one trainer along with the maximum of twenty-one (21) players. These people shall constitute what shall be referred to as “Authorized Team Personnel”. All Authorized Team Personnel shall conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times. Failure of any team or individual team member(s) to observe NABF rules of conduct shall subject such individual team member(s) or the entire team to NABF sanctions by the NABF Board of Directors. Such sanctions may include one or more years suspension for the team and/or individual team member(s) or suspension of the NABF franchise held by the association which sent the team.

12.03 Permitted on Field. Authorized Team Personnel are the only members of the team permitted on the bench, in the dugout, or on the playing field during the game.

12.04 Conduct. Any member of a team’s authorized team personnel making any untrue verbal or written disparaging remarks about NABF officials, umpires, scorers, tournament committee members and/or the authorized team personnel from his/her own or any other team may be suspended from tournament play. Any member of a team’s authorized personnel conducting themselves in such a manner so as to violate local, city, county, state and/or federal criminal and/or civil laws off the field during a tournament may be suspended from tournament play. It is the duty of the team manager or head coach to be in control of players at all times. Any team or member(s) of a team’s authorized personnel responsible for damages or nonpayment of hotel/motel facilities will be barred from participation in any NABF tournament until full restitution is made.

12.05 Discipline of Team Personnel. Managers and coaches are to prohibit any unsportsmanlike act toward opponents, umpires, officials or spectators. Managers are to prohibit bench jockeying, including personal and malicious remarks and obscene language toward opponents, umpires and spectators. Any umpire shall remove from the game any manager, coach, player or other team personnel for unsportsmanlike conduct. The umpire may first warn any violators before removing them from the game. After a manager, coach, player or other team personnel have been removed from the game, they shall leave the field immediately. They shall leave the ball park and shall not communicate with their team or the umpires. Failure to abide by this ruling will result in forfeiture of the game to the opposing team and suspension from all remaining tournament games.

12.06 Intentional Contact With Umpire. Any manager, coach, player or other authorized team personnel making intentional contact with an umpire in any manner shall be suspended from all remaining tournament games that season.

12.07 Team Leaving the Playing Field. Under no circumstances whatsoever shall a team leave the field in a Tournament Series Game, under the penalty of forfeiture of the membership of the team’s association in the NABF.

12.08 Do Not Sign or Dicker with Contracted Players. No association, club or individual affiliated with either, shall have the right to sign, dicker with, or in any manner approach a player or players of any club which is a member of an association affiliated with the NABF while such a player is under contract to said member association. A violation to this clause shall subject any association, club, or individual to suspension.

12.09 Use of Drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol Prohibited.It is hereby declared to be the policy of the NABF that any and all use of illicit drugs be prohibited in or upon the grounds of any club or association in this organization. The use of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages are prohibited from the playing field and dugout areas of any NABF series of games. Offenders of this policy shall be ejected from the game and grounds. Failure to comply with this ruling will result in forfeiture of the game to the opposing team and suspension from all remaining games.

12.10 Inappropriate Physical Conduct (Fighting)
Any manager, coach or player involved in inappropriate physical conduct (fighting) is to be immediately disqualified from both regional and world series/national tournament play.  Any manager, coach or player retaliating will also be disqualified.  Anyone entering the melee and retaliating will also be disqualified.