3.03 - Player Eligibility: Senior Division (18 & Under)

3.03 Senior Division (18 & Under). Players who have not reached their nineteenth (19th) birthday prior to May 1 of the current year are eligible for participation in the Senior Tournament.  In addition, current year high school graduates are eligible.  No player who has reached age 20 is eligible.


8.14 - Tie Breaker for Round Robin, Note (C) 

Note (C): Wild Card Team Selection: At the conclusion of all scheduled round robin play, the standings for each pool shall be determined from first (1st) place to last place.  After determination of the first (1st) and second (2nd) place finishers in each pool, the tournament committee shall select the required number of Wild Card Team(s) from all third (3rd) place teams only.  This will be done by following Sections 1, 3, 4, and 5 (exclude 2) ONLY of Rule 8.14 to determine the Wild Card Team(s) qualified for single elimination finals.


10.01 - (C) Mercy Rule, (2) Senior, High School, Junior and Sophomore Divisions

(2) Senior, High School, Junior and Sophomore Divisions. During play in any regional tournament game, a team reaching a 15 or more run lead after completion of 4 innings (or the home team reaching a 15 run lead in 3 and a half innings) shall be awarded a victory.  In addition, a team reaching a 10 or more run lead in any completed inning after the completion of at least 5 innings (or in the case of the home team reaching a 10 run lead in 4 or four and a fraction of half-innings) shall be awarded a victory.