After many run-ins with rainy weather, the NABF declared the New Jersey Renegades & the New York Devil Cats as co-champions of the 2018 Rookie Division World Series.

MVP – Michael Mann, Devil Cats                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Batting Champion – Andrew DeLorenzo, NJ Renegades

New Jersey Renegades

New York Devil Cats


On Saturday night of the tournament, there was heavy rain, but the host organization was able to get the water off the field with the help of the Devil Cats coaching staff.  As luck would have it, the teams were able to use a back-up turf field at Don Bosco Prep.  At 6 PM on the Sunday of the tournament, the series was down to 2 teams, the NJ Renegades and the NY Devil Cats, who were both 4-0 at this time.  Then came the heavy rains, at which point these 2 teams were declared as co-champions.


Position Team Name Player Name
Catcher Devil Cats Donovan Lettieri
1B NJ Renegades Richie Rosa
2B North Bergen AJ Romero
3B North Bergen Ethan Trujillo
INF YSL-Warriors Joshua Osorio
INF NJ Renegades Alex Mazzella
INF NAS Razorbacks Jordan Drucker
INF Devil Cats AJ Hencke
INF NAS Razorbacks Brody Flugger
CF NJ Renegades Cameron Perez
OF Devil Cats Jeg Sansone
OF YSL-Warriors Daniel Martinez
OF Devil Cats Mark Galuski
Pitcher North Bergen C Losa
Pitcher Devil Cats Shea Gibson
Pitcher YSL-Warriors Isaiah Brenes
Pitcher NAS Razorbacks Nick Filonow