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2022 Tournament Rules

0.01 Federation and NABF. Federation and NABF, as used in this Constitution and By-Laws and Tournament Rules, stands for National Amateur Baseball Federation, Incorporated.

0.02 Non-Profit Corporation. The National Amateur Baseball Federation was incorporated as a Non-Profit Corporation on the Ninth day of December, 1966 in conformity with Act 327 Public Acts of 1931 amended in the State of Michigan.

0.03 The Pronoun “He”. The use of the pronoun “he” or other forms such as “his”, “him”, “himself”, etc., throughout this Constitution, ByLaws and Tournament Rules, is to be construed to mean either sex, male and female.

0.04 Verbal or Written Decisions. All tournaments under the jurisdiction of the NABF shall be conducted under the rules as set forth on the foregoing pages, and no Officer and/or member of the NABF shall have the authority to change, alter or make any decision, verbal or written, that is contrary to these rules. Any change in the Tournament Rules of the NABF must be in compliance with Article X, Section 1 of the Constitution of the National Amateur Baseball Federation.

0.05 Playing Rules. The playing rules of the National Association of Professional Leagues (Official Baseball Rules) shall be the official rules of this Federation and tournament play except when they may conflict with Federation rules. The interpretation of playing rules shall be that as defined by the American League of Professional Baseball Clubs (Official Baseball Rules).