IMPORTANT DEADLINES (For Franchise Member Organizations)

Nov 1 through May 15 of Current Year - Membership Renewal
Franchise membership fees due $300 (league associations)
Tournament fees due: $425 Regional Play 
$750 Direct to World Series
Penalty fee $25 after May 15th (May 15th deadline for franchise and tournament fees, see Article II, Sections 2B and 4 of Rule Book) Leagues having 8 or more Teams in ANY age group may send a second team to a tournament for $450.00.
June 1 Registration of your league and teams due (Rule 6.09). Players and teams registered in more than one NABF Association must see Rule 3.11A and Rule 3.11B.
July 1 A copy of your current year league playing schedule due (Rule 6.13).
July 1 Player certification list due (Rule 4.02) for eligibility of players full names per each team from each league must be submitted by July 1, or not less than 15 days prior to the report date for the assigned Regional or World Series site. (Review all rules under sections 3.004.00 , 5.00  and 6.00) See Individual Team Certification for Eligibility form.
July 20 Application for reinstatement of players to amateur status deadline (Rule 5.01 and 5.04). Review all rules under section 5.00. See Application for Reinstatement of Players form.
Required for participation in NABF Liability insurance, all teams participating in NABF Regional or National Championship events are required to have one million dollars ($1,000,000) liability insurance coverage. NABF must be named as the additional insured under all policies (Rule 6.08). You may contact Frazier Insurance Agency at (804) 754-7610 for NABF-approved insurance coverage or go to  for a direct link to Frazier Insurance Agency’s website. 
Optional for all teams taking part in 
NABF post season tournaments
Purchase NABF logo patches prior to participation at NABF events (Rule 9.04).  Purchase logo patches directly from the NABF by calling (769) 251-5158 or by filling out and sending in the form found on the NABF website.

Please use this reminder as a guide during the current season. If you have questions, please contact your respective age division director or NABF national office.  Answers to questions pertaining to eligibility of players and teams are covered in your NABF Rule Book and special instructional publications provided by NABF.  Do not penalize your league and teams by failing to comply with your NABF rules.