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The National Amateur Baseball Federation (NABF) is a nonprofit organization hosting regional and national Championship tournaments held coast to coast. 

The NABF Tournaments are attended by high quality teams from across the country.  The NABF Tournaments are made affordable because of its non-profit status and the wonderful volunteers that help run these quality events.   The tournaments range in age divisions from 9 & Under through Unlimited.

   Please click below to see the list of tournaments--their locations and dates.


2022 NABF 10u World Series Click here for more info

2022 NABF 12u World Series Click here for more info

2023 NABF 14u World Series July 13-16 click here for more info

2022 NABF 15u World Series Classic July 14-17--click here for more info

2023 NABF 16u World Series July 13-16--click here for more info

2023 NABF High School World Series July 20-23--click here for more info

2023 NABF 18u World Series July 20-23--click here for more info

2023 NABF College World Series July 27-30--click here for more info

2023 Charlie Blackburn Major World Series Aug 3-6--click here for more info


The NABF welcomes new membership!  If you are a league, you can register your league as a franchise.  Then the teams from the league can participate in the NABF Tournaments.  However 10u-18u individual teams can register with the NABF as explained below:


In order to attend the Major (unlimited age) Regionals, it must be through a registered franchise.  A league can register as a franchise by filling out the Franchise Membership Form and sending in with a check for $250 to the NABF.  After being accepted as a franchise, teams can attend  Regional Tournaments.  Regional Tournament fees as follows: $375 for 1 team and $475 for an additional team.  

***If you are Major team registering as a franchise, please click the form below***


To attend  any of the Senior 18u, High School 17u, Junior 16u, Sophomore 14u, Freshman 12u or Rookie 10u divisions, you can register in two ways:

1)  REGISTER YOUR TEAM  THROUGH AN NABF FRANCHISE(LEAGUE).  Your league can register as a franchise by filling out the Franchise Membership Form, printing out and sending it in with a check for $250 franchise fee.

As a Franchise, your league can send multiple teams to World Series events.    World Series fees are $675 for direct bids.

10u-22u Registration Below:

REGISTER: 10u-22u NABF Franchise/Tournament Registration

All 10u-22u teams can send in their NABF Registration using this link. It can be used for check or credit card.

2)  REGISTER AS A INDIVIDUAL NON-LEAGUE TEAM.  This is only for 10u-22u Tournaments.  Cost is $775 for 10u-12u and  $875 for 14u-22u World Series.

***If you wish to register as an individual team, please click the link below***



Single & Independent Teams Online Classics Registration & Tournament Schedule


NABF League Member Teams Tournament Schedules & Results

NABF 2022 Rules

2021 NABF Tournament News

2020 NABF Tournament News

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At the 2017 National Amateur Baseball Federation (NABF) Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors and NABF Franchise Member Representatives in attendance voted unanimously to name the ALS Association as the official charity partner of the NABF.  The NABF is now officially partnered with the ALS Association in the fight against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (more commonly known as ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease), and in spreading knowledge and awareness of the disease as well.

The ALS Association is the only national nonprofit organization fighting Lou Gehrig’s disease on every front: supporting cutting-edge research, enhancing access to clinical care, and promoting better public policies.  Their nationwide network of chapters comprises one team with a single mission: to discover treatments and a cure for ALS, and to serve, advocate for, and empower people with ALS. 

ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord.  Eventually, people with ALS lose the ability to initiate and control muscle movement, which often leads to total paralysis and death within two to five years of diagnosis.

Visit to learn more about the tremendous work being done throughout the Association and to make a donation in honor of the NABF/ALS Association Charity Partnership.

MLB Play Ball is about inspiring everyone to play ball. 
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Support Your NABF Partners

Click on the image above to learn more about Pitch Hit & Run events in the 2021 season.

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